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Websites for children's entertainers are strange things, they tell you a lot apart from what you really want to know: 

 Is this person a good entertainer? 
Will I get value for my money?

They are great questions to ask.   

Hopefully this website can give you some answers.

As a starting point I'd like you to 

a Magic Party to Remember

Magic and Entertainment

Imagine a party where everything goes to plan   

 There are lots of happy smiling children, the adults are relaxed and really importantly, the event is stress free for you. 

 Imagine a party where everyone leaves thinking 

That was the best  party I have ever been to!
The entertainer was amazing! 
Where did they find him?

Imagine a party that

Surpasses Expectations


Simon Jackson 

Magic and Entertainment

Simon is an unique and hilarious, award winning children’s magician and entertainer.

Performing as 


Magic and Entertainment

Simon has many years of insight and experience into the planning and presenting of Children's Magic shows, discos, parties, functions and events.

For Simon it is a priority to develop a package that will not only meet your needs but will surpass all your expectations.

iStock 000012066826XSmallPlease have a good look through the website and should you have any questions or would like further information,  please contact  Simon for a no obligation conversation.

Call now for a no obligation chat

07999 890327
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