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Hello, my name is 

Simon Jackson

Magic and Entertainment


Children's Magic is my Specialty

I'm an experienced children's magician and entertainer  and have performed for many, many children at birthday parties, school functions, fairs, garden parties, discos, christenings and weddings.  

However, experience is more than just numbers! 

Magic and Entertainment
Although I perform magic for all age groups, entertaining children is my specialty, it is something I genuinely enjoy.  

In fact, if I could only perform for one age group there is no doubt it would be for children and young people.

Magic and EntertainmentAt all of my shows the children are the stars.  

In fact I see the party as their event at which I am a performing guest.  I see this as a real honour.

What makes a 
great children's party?

My shows are full of amazing magic and entertainment with comedy and laughter playing a central part.

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Simon Jackson
Magic and Entertainment

Magic and EntertainmentAs well as a being a professional magician and children's entertainer I also work as a counsellor and coach for children and young people.  

As a consequence of the two roles, I highly value and respect the thoughts and feelings of children and young people, this I feel is reflected in all of my shows.

Please don’t feel that you can only use this website to help you come to a decision with regards to your party function or event.
Do do not hesitate to contact me to discuss any of your party or event needs. 

 It will be a real pleasure to speak to you. 

Magic and Entertainment

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