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If you are considering booking an entertainer for your school event, Simon is the right choice to make. 

iStock 000017824630 Small (1)With a great deal of experience of working in schools Simon can bring both entertainment and ‘message’ based shows to your establishment.

Having worked with children and young people not only as a magician but also as a counsellor and manager of children’s projects, Simon has a keen interest in how entertainment can be used within educational settings. 

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With an in-depth understanding of initiatives such as Every Child Matters and the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning,  Simon has designed shows that not only entertain pupils and students but also provide a strong theme or message to    co-ordinate with the school’s educational priorities.

Simon can provide shows to meet your schools needs. Shows that will entertain and educate, provoke laughter and thought.        

As well as providing shows using magic as a vehicle to educate and inform, Simon also designs shows that are motivational in nature, utilising music, power point presentations, puppets and games.

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School Shows
Magic and Entertainment

Simon also owns Solutions in Schools, an organisation that works with children and young people in schools.  

For more information about Solutions in Schools please click on the link below:

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